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About us

This international summer school brings together experts in kidney research and diseases to discuss in a stimulating and interactive setting with participants the basis of kidney functions and their relevance for kidney disease. Small group case discussions highlight both common and rare forms of kidney disease. Participants can present their research projects during a poster session.

The Summer School is organized in rotation between Zurich, Berlin, Freiburg, and Regensburg.

Topics of the EUKISS

From renal physiology to kidney disease

  • Vascular and glomerular functions
  • Mechanisms of tubular transport of electrolytes and water
  • Neuronal and endocrine control of kidney functions
  • Minerals
  • Oxygen and ischemia
  • Acid-base disorders
  • Disorders of electrolyte balance
  • Kidney stones and inflammation
  • New trends in kidney research
  • New drugs and treatment